Saturday, August 20, 2011

Wax Vs Varnish or Eggshell Paint and Farrow & Ball

I have realized that waxed furniture is not really the ideal thing when you have little kids in the house, as it is my case. Cabinets, side tables are ok, but dining chairs and kids furniture need a different treatment, a different finish.
I painted a country bench and a chair for my dining room in Old White, they really look gorgeous... but the continuous wear was showing off in the shape of dark marks where my son has placed his shoes or dirty little fingers, tried to removed them with a damp cloth and they didn't go. So I started looking for a more durable finish. Clear varnish is one of them, Shellac is widely used in the US and I'm still trying to find the equivalent here in the UK. Then I saw other people painting furniture with the famous Farrow & Ball paint, called one of the retailers and they said that Estate Eggshell was the ideal paint for that, the finish is very durable and if you want, you can also use wax and varnish after distressing is done. If you don't distress the furniture, you don't really need to apply anything else...sounded great to me!, so I treated myself to a 2.5lt tin of F&B paint:

There are so many beautiful colors to choose!!!! but because I want to paint my dining chairs I went for Skimming Stone. I can't wait to try it!!!.

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