Monday, April 30, 2012

Mosaics...oh yeah!

Some years ago I bought this little stool

By then I was crazy (and still I am) about mosaics, my idea was to cover the top and part of the legs and then paint the rest...

For the mosaic I used broken crockery, basically plates with nice colors and patterns. I also used some glass nuggets...

I love it! I use it now as a bedside table :-)

Country bench

I got this bench some time ago, I painted it white and left it. The white paint alone wasn't enough... not for me!

One day I woke up knowing exactly what to do to refresh the look. I got my Annie Sloan paints.... Aubusson Blue mixed with a bit of Original....after it was dried I applied a white wash on top.
I left the seat natural and added a bit of dark wax, I love the finish!.