Thursday, September 1, 2011

From ugly little duckling to beautiful swan

My husband has had this cabinet since he was 21, he told me that he got it in a second hand shop... I have to admit that I never liked it, but I found it very practical. Since we moved home in decemebr this year, it was stored in the garage....until one morning that I woke up with the brilliant idea of painting it to use it in the dining room to store glasses, mats, cutlery etc.

I used Annie Sloan's paints Old White for the drawers and a mixed of Paris Grey with Louis Blue for the outside of the cabinet and inside of drawers...
I had it all in my mind, even the new drawer knobs I wanted!:

Aren't they nice? I wanted to combine 2 colors to make of this cabinet something more informal and fun.

Want to see more?...

The fabrics you see on the drawer are from: Sanderson (left) and Ikea (right)

I love that compartment, ideal to store wine glasses, jugs, tea cups....

I think this is the story of the ugly little duckling who turned into a beautiful swan....don't you think?

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  1. Wow! What an incredible dresser and makeover! It turned out beautifully!