Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Blue and white corner display cabinet

I found this corner unit on Ebay and it was a real bargain, I'm surprise nobody else put a bid....maybe because it was meant to be mine! ha!. The front is oak and the side panels are made of a light wood, which makes it very easy to move around.
I love the wavy sides of the shelves and the two small pillars on the top one.
It was sooooo dark and depressing to look at....oh there I went to the rescue! yay! when I collected it my hands were itching to grab brushes to start painting straight away. The couple I bought it from, could not believe how much I loved this piece of furniture it nearly went to the tip!! can you believe it?, they thought nobody would like wrong they were!.

I knew exactly how I wanted to paint and white.

I used Annie Sloan's Old white for the outside and Louis Blue for the inside except the cupboard inside which is white. I waxed it, distressed it and waxed it again.

And voilá!, It looks really nice, it uplifts the space beautifully. My husband wanted to keep it....but I'm sorry...its SOLD!.

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